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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good morning! How is everybody doing on this fine Sunday morning? I just changed all of the clocks (daylight savings) and have had a glass of orange juice to start off the day. Now, I know there has not been a featured seller for quite a while, and there won't be one this week, or next week, but I promise we will do more featured seller bits soon.

First off: Etsy will be CLOSED for two whole days next weekend, on November 4 and 5. Why is this happening? The lovely men and women behind Etsy are so awesome that they are redoing the entire site. Yes, you read correctly. The ENTIRE site. Visit their blog for screenshots and more information.

Second: Now what could this mean to you? A lot! Please, shop and put in all custom orders THIS week before the site redo. Mary Claire and I are going to be revamping a whole buncha stuff, such as PRICES (!!) and charity-giving. We recognize that the holidays are coming up and we will be getting ready for this wonderful time of year.

Third: I am extremely pleased with myself. I have finally. finished. that. green. scarf. It took forever and ever, but the end result is FANTASTIC! It's super long and super warm. There are pockets and oooh! I want to keep it to myself! I won't though, but its great to finally be done with it.

Fourth: Mary Claire knit a cute would-be cellphone cozy, but it was waaay to big for a normal cellphone. The yarn was too stretchy, and it just didn't work. I was thinking of ways to not make it so stretchy without redoing the whole thing when I thought, "TA DA! iPod Cozy!" I dusted off my sewing machine, got some felt and thread, and Sugar in the Morning had their first iPod cozy. It's so cute! It's discounted for $6 due to the imperfect stitching, which is not visible from the outside and does not hinder the functionality of it at all. This is a great deal, as they will be selling for a mere 9 dollars. It's called the Velvet Petals iPod Cozy.

Fifth: Another iPod cozy will be going up today as well! This one will also be discounted as its not as perfect as the non-discounted ones will be. Check out our store later this afternoon for the Raspberries and Cream iPod cozy.

Sixth: It is scarf season! At least, for half of the world! To celebrate this season of cold breezes and crackling leaves, a lavendar scarf will be going up for sale later on this week. Look for it on Thursday or Friday, before Etsy is closed for the weekend.

Seventh: Mary-Claire and I are going to start donating a portion of our proceeds to a charity. If you have one in mind, please do not hesitate to email us ( or leave a comment here.

Eigth: If you want exclusive goodies and coupons, sign up for our newsletter! It goes out every other Saturday. Email to sign up!

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