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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hello sugars!

Mary-Claire and I have been working all afternoon (sort of) to update some stuff. This is our new cellphone case, the Blue's Hues Cellphone Case. It can fit your iPod, lip gloss, etc.

We also have another item, the Blue & Pink Hair Ribbon. It's very cute!!

Pics have been updated in almost every listing. We have decided that Gift Certificates will be available in increments of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, etc. Email us at if you are interested!

To sign up for a biweekly newsletter, packed full of behind the scenes tips, coupons, and special information about the fabulous world of Sugar in the Morning. :D

Mary-Claire is working on a wonderful new striped dog blanket. This dog blanket will be the perfect for the size of a small dog like a chihuahua, mini dauchsund, etc. Great for cats too!

If anybody has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us!

Have a wonderful week,

Audrey and Mary-Claire

Saturday, August 19, 2006


What new at Sugar in the Morning... nada mucho!

We have three custom orders: two cellphone cases and one drawstring glasses case. I have made our first belt prototype. It's gorgeous! Pics will be up on the gallery soon. I'm thinking that they will be about $20 for the standard size, more for a longer belt, and less for a shorter belt. I'm still working on the details.

There is one pouch waiting to go up on the site, I just have to take pictures. It's purple, white, and blue, and very cute. Ther e is also a pink and turquoise pouch, a blue cellphone case, and a cute ribbon that still need to go up on the site as well.

Mary-Claire has started making dog biscuits. If we get permits and all of that, they will go on the site. Details still need to be worked out. She is also working on a thin coral scarf.

Remember, if you would like to recieve a bi-weekly newsletter, please email us at

Have an awesome evening,


Saturday, August 12, 2006

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm home! Unfortunatly, I lost a needle on my trip to Rhode Island, but I just now found it in my suitcase!!! This means that I can finish the Blue's Hues pouch, which will match the cellphone cozy that we have yet to put on the website! Anyways, Audrey has put up so much stuff I am quite frankly overwhelmed, but I'm going to start knitting like a fiend today. Audrey and I are leaving for Ocean City on Monday (eek), so we won't be able to ship until we get back (but don't let that deter you!!!). I'm really really really excited since I'm now working on a green and white dog blanket with large stripes of each color. Oh my it is going to be quite cute. Then I really want to branch out color wise and get some pinks and purples for all the female doggies out there!!!!! Also, I'm putting up pictures of the two dog blankets that I have already made (and their furry counterparts), which have both sold to friends. Check it out! (they're posted on

Love you a ton!!!


Thursday, August 10, 2006


Its me again. You're probably bored with my repetitive posts, but Mary-Claire will be back on Friday evening. We leave for Ocean City on Monday, so shipping will be on hold for a week.

I made this cell phone case today. It's called the Tropical Fruit Cellphone Case! Its really beautiful. This is my first try at making a photo really nice. Tell me what you think!

I am now knitting another cellphone case. It is going to be gorgeous! Hopefully I'll finish it tonight and it will be up tomorrow. I won't be able to update anything on Saturday or Sunday because I will be temping, and then the next week, as you know, I will be gone.

I don't know if we will have internet access in Ocean City, but if we do, you can expect lots of updates!

If you would like to join the mailing list, please email me at We will probably send out a newsletter bi-weekly.

Talk to you later,


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

WE SOLD OUR FIRST ITEM! through Paypal! NotablyGifted bought a set of heart appliques.

I'm very excited about that. I've added a few items including the Farmer's Market Cellphone Cozy and the Blueberry Frosting Pouch. The Blueberry Frosting Pouch (on the right) was knit out of Spazspun's ecospun yarn. It is an awesome yarn and it makes a fantabulous pouch. Check it out!

Also, you may be wondering why all of our items have disappeared off the page. Mary-Claire went up to Rhode Island and brought all of the items with her to sell. However, we couldn't get ahold of each other, so I don't know what she's sold, if she's sold, whatever. I put them in edit mode until she gets back (tomorrow) and I find out what we can sell. So, if you had your eye on something and it is now gone, please check back on Friday or Saturday.

I recieved the business cards that we ordered from Vistaprint! They look really awesome, they have our shop name, web address, and email on them.

Alrighty then, thats just a mini update until I list some more items.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hello all!!

Mary-Claire is in Rhode Island, so its just me for the next week or so. What have I been up to?

1. PAYPAL dun dun dun dun!!! I set up a bank account at a bank and linked Paypal to it. Later this week, I will verify everything.

2. Finished two gifts for a friend. I just made a really cute pouch and matching cell phone case for a friend's sweet sixteen.

3. Used Spazspun's awesome ecospun recycled yarn (made out of soda bottles!!) to make a very cute pouch. It will be up on the site later this week, unless I decide to keep it for myself.

4. I finished a pouch for Mary-Claire to use as her school money wallet. It's very cute -- red and white to match the lovely buttons that she has.

5. I've been meeting so many new people in the forums. Etsy is so cool in the way that people can meet and talk about anything. A lot of arguments have been taking place, hopefully people are just snarky because business is slow.

6. I'm working on ideas to edit and collaborate our gallery. I want it to showcase all of our yarns, ribbons, buttons, sewing notions, EVERYTHING. I also want there to be a section to showcase the products we have made that are a) not for sale or b) were sold but not put on the Etsy site.
A polished gallery will come soon (hopefully!)

7. NEWSLETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to join a newsletter, please email and you will be added to this newsletter. We will send out emails after new items have gone up or when major changes have taken place within our store. There may be special suprises in there (can we say coupons?!)

8. Craft shows. I would LOVE to be in a craft show. I'm thinking Oktoberfest in Annapolis, MD would be an awesome idea. If any of you guys know some more craft shows in the Maryland area, please comment or email!

9. That's all I can think of for now!

See ya!


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Audrey just left my house, and we have made a BUNCH of new items. I finished the blue bubblegum pouch, which is probably going to sell for about nine dollars. It is adorable! It's regularly knitted in a gorgeous, incredibly soft blue raspberry colored yarn (the same yarn we used for the Wavy Aqua Scarf), combined with a pink cotton Sugar and Cream yarn. It is so cute. Its knit in a sort of square pouch with a large pocket and a big flap coming down over the pocket. But anyways, I still have to tell you the main reason for my post. I am leaving for Rhode Island on Thursday, and I'm probably going to sell EVERYTHING to my family at my uncle's wedding. So, that means you should buy something ASAP, because the week after next, everything might be gone. Since our prices are still pretty low, my relatives are going to buy out our ENTIRE stock. Of course, Audrey and I will be knitting like fiends, and we'll probably have a lot of items made to restock ourselves. If you miss out on buying that special knitted good that you wanted, we can always custom make it, however each piece is truly one of a kind. If you check out our shutterfly account ( you'll see our custom ordering catalogue, and there is NO extra charge for custom ordering. Email us if you don't want to buy through etsy, or conversation us if you do. Our email is just so you know. I should probably tell you what I'm working on now. Well, Audrey gave my red and white dog blanket to one of her friends, and her dog absolutley LOVES it. It had a tiny defect, so we decided to give it away to someone who has a lot of friends with dogs. Anyways, I'm using a beautiful black chenille yarn as well as a cream yarn thats woven with a black yarn. Audrey and I are going to experiment with custom embroidery. I finished a cell phone case that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever made, if I do say so myself. It is of a light blue cashmere yarn and a darker blue soft cotton yarn. I'm making a matching knitted pouch, and I plan on calling it the "Blue's Hues pouch," and selling it at a special price with the cell phone cozy. Audrey and I decided to not put up the Blue's Hues cellphone cozy yet, since I'll probably sell it really quickly in Rhode Island, but regardless its available for custom ordering, and pictures of it will be put on our shutterfly page, so check them out! I'm off to Rhode Island on Thursday, so I probably won't be writing for about a week!

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