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Sunday, July 16, 2006

We're back!! It's nice to be home, but Key West was so much fun!

Mary Claire and I are learning to make socks. I finished my first one, and it does need quite a lot of tweaking. However, look for simple socks in Sugar in the Morning before the summer ends!

We also went to a yarn store in Key West. www.knitwitskeywest
I bought some gorgeous skeins of cotton yarn, one green, the other a mixture of green, yellow, and a purpley blue. I also bought a skein of bright pink cotton yarn. I'm not sure what / if I will make anything with it for the store because I love it so much. The yarn was very expensive, so the cost of the product would reflect that.

We've finished a pouch and a dog blanket, so those will be up on the site, along with a cell phone case that we didn't put up before we left. Look for those items within the week!


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