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Saturday, July 22, 2006


We made our first non-Etsy sale! Sugar in the Morning is proud to say that there is now a group of people who are interested in the products!!

A guest of the party we threw decided to buy the Sunny Day at the Shore Wallet and Cellphone Cozy! We sold both of them for a total of $10.00 .

Another guest custom ordered a Strawberries and Cream Cellphone Cozy to fit her phone.

Remember, we do custom orders for anyone, so if you like the colors, or the look, of one of our products, feel free to contact us about what you would like. We are willing to send pictures of the work in progress!

Later today, Audrey will put up another cellphone cozy on the website and maybe a dog blanket! A cute, bright pouch will also be put up within the next few days. It just needs the finishing touches!!

So, we'll be back later, its time to divide the money and spend our profits! Haha!


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