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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh my Gosh!! I've made so much stuff its crazy! I've been knitting and working on the business non-stop! We've made custom order forms and are working on an online catalog which will open up the custom ordering wing of Sugar in the Morning. We also sold our Sunny Day at the Shore cell phone cozy AND pouch. They're gone but we can still make them if you custom order them. Remember, there is no extra charge for custom ordering! I should probably tell you about what I've finished and what I'm currently working on. I just finished the CUTEST pouch that we are planning to sew into a drawstring version and call the "Cat Ate My Homework" pouch. It is green with yellow, orange, and lighter green accents. It will be adorned with the most adorable cat buttons that are so irresistable I squeal whenever I see them. Also, I finished a book mark made out of this beautiful jewel tone yarn. It has fringe and should be up on the etsy site tomorrow at the latest. Remember, our Book Marks are absolutly PERFECT for a book club, and there is an incredible savings on the shipping price as well as the actual price if they are bought in bulk. You can have them monagrammed with little letter buttons, like putting an "M" on bookmarks that will be used by the Monticello (just an example) Book Club. Of course they can pretty much be customized with any buttons you want (buttons will also be included in our online custom order catalog), not to mention any yarn, size, ribbons, etc. The only question you have to ask yourself is whether to fringe or not to fringe! Anyways, I'm currently working on a raspberry red pouch that is made of the same yarn as the raspberrys and cream pouch (a very soft, raspberry colored angora-acryllic blend), except minus the cream and plus a gorgeous dark wine color that marvelously compliments the lowlights in the raspberry yarn. Keep your eyes peeled for these and more exciting stuff, as well as our online catalog!


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