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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey guys!!

I've just finished knitting a cell phone holder, all I have to do is sew it up and add decoration! It's going to be really cute and I'm very excited about it. As you know, Mary-Claire has some awesome stuff coming up that we are both excited about.

We have been advertising all over and its beginning to pay off! Our items have been viewed so many times (check out the Strawberry and Cream pouch, over 100 views!) and its a great feeling to know that other people are looking at your products and sizing them up as competition. At least, that's what we are doing!

I recieved some yarn as a present and have been working with it. It's a colorway called 'Tudor' which gives no description or hint of what it looks like. It is sort of a rainbow color, going from a yellowish pink to a dark purple to a blue to green and so on. I'm making a nice ribbed scarf with it. The scarf should be up within the next week.

I've had some ideas of what I want to make next. I'm thinking stuff like miniature dish clothes and more cell phone / iPod holders.

Check ya later!



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