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Friday, July 28, 2006

Wow, today has been a very busy day.

Mary-Claire came over and we started to furiously brainstorm and knit, at the same time. We finished sewing up pouches and cell phone cozies, as well as our first ever business card holder.

We updated the look of our shop with a new banner and avatar. It looks a lot more interesting now and more professional, I think.

We also have a new gallery where we put our yarns, ribbons, buttons, and embellishments so that people who are ordering custom orders can see what we have. You can also see the knitted objects that we don't sell and keep for ourselves. These items can also be ordered.

Mary-Claire has really gotten into bookmark making, and may I just say that she is AWESOME at it. They are so adorable and they have fringe on the bottom and the top. We are going to sell them in packs of 5 on the website for about $8 or $10. If you are part of book club, feel free to custom order a larger number. They also make great party favors.

So, here are some things that we need that you can help us with.

1. We need business cards! We would prefer to have them made by fellow Etsy-ers. If you make custom business cards, please contact us!

2. In the future, we will be looking for knitting needle cases, you know, the roll-up kind. If you make these, please leave a comment, email us at, convo us, or heart us!

3. Suggestions! If you feel that we could do something better, photograph something so that it is brighter, whatever, please contact us. It would be awesome to know what other people thought and how we could improve our store.


Now, if you have any questions WHATSOEVER, we will be happy to answer them!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh my Gosh!! I've made so much stuff its crazy! I've been knitting and working on the business non-stop! We've made custom order forms and are working on an online catalog which will open up the custom ordering wing of Sugar in the Morning. We also sold our Sunny Day at the Shore cell phone cozy AND pouch. They're gone but we can still make them if you custom order them. Remember, there is no extra charge for custom ordering! I should probably tell you about what I've finished and what I'm currently working on. I just finished the CUTEST pouch that we are planning to sew into a drawstring version and call the "Cat Ate My Homework" pouch. It is green with yellow, orange, and lighter green accents. It will be adorned with the most adorable cat buttons that are so irresistable I squeal whenever I see them. Also, I finished a book mark made out of this beautiful jewel tone yarn. It has fringe and should be up on the etsy site tomorrow at the latest. Remember, our Book Marks are absolutly PERFECT for a book club, and there is an incredible savings on the shipping price as well as the actual price if they are bought in bulk. You can have them monagrammed with little letter buttons, like putting an "M" on bookmarks that will be used by the Monticello (just an example) Book Club. Of course they can pretty much be customized with any buttons you want (buttons will also be included in our online custom order catalog), not to mention any yarn, size, ribbons, etc. The only question you have to ask yourself is whether to fringe or not to fringe! Anyways, I'm currently working on a raspberry red pouch that is made of the same yarn as the raspberrys and cream pouch (a very soft, raspberry colored angora-acryllic blend), except minus the cream and plus a gorgeous dark wine color that marvelously compliments the lowlights in the raspberry yarn. Keep your eyes peeled for these and more exciting stuff, as well as our online catalog!

Tons of exciting stuff is going on right now!

I'm learning how to crochet and it is actually turning out pretty well! I can't wait to crochet little coin purses.

Mary Claire is currently knitting some items for our Back to School line. Look forward to bookmarks, pencil pouches, and coin purses.

I am making pencil pouches for Mary Claire and I for school. One of them is pink and purple and will be very cute, so I'm pretty excited.

I finished a custom order for a Strawberries and Cream cell phone case. I don't know about the size of it, so I may make one more.


Saturday, July 22, 2006


We made our first non-Etsy sale! Sugar in the Morning is proud to say that there is now a group of people who are interested in the products!!

A guest of the party we threw decided to buy the Sunny Day at the Shore Wallet and Cellphone Cozy! We sold both of them for a total of $10.00 .

Another guest custom ordered a Strawberries and Cream Cellphone Cozy to fit her phone.

Remember, we do custom orders for anyone, so if you like the colors, or the look, of one of our products, feel free to contact us about what you would like. We are willing to send pictures of the work in progress!

Later today, Audrey will put up another cellphone cozy on the website and maybe a dog blanket! A cute, bright pouch will also be put up within the next few days. It just needs the finishing touches!!

So, we'll be back later, its time to divide the money and spend our profits! Haha!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Heeeey guys!!

I'm currently at Mary Claire's house as we get ready for a party!! We have invited a few close friends so that we can just hang out and have fun. We had the idea to tell our friends about We have set up a really cute powerpoint and table with all of our products set up to look pretty and perfect.

It doesn't matter if anything is bought, but just to get our name out there will be nice. I think that we are going to really focus on making custom items for our friends instead of creating items and selling them. This may or may not affect the amount of stuff that goes on the website, so we'll see.



Sunday, July 16, 2006

We're back!! It's nice to be home, but Key West was so much fun!

Mary Claire and I are learning to make socks. I finished my first one, and it does need quite a lot of tweaking. However, look for simple socks in Sugar in the Morning before the summer ends!

We also went to a yarn store in Key West. www.knitwitskeywest
I bought some gorgeous skeins of cotton yarn, one green, the other a mixture of green, yellow, and a purpley blue. I also bought a skein of bright pink cotton yarn. I'm not sure what / if I will make anything with it for the store because I love it so much. The yarn was very expensive, so the cost of the product would reflect that.

We've finished a pouch and a dog blanket, so those will be up on the site, along with a cell phone case that we didn't put up before we left. Look for those items within the week!


Friday, July 07, 2006

OMG!!! Audrey and I are heading off to Key West in less than two days!!!!!! It is going to be soo fun!! I'm finishing packing and knitting my dog blanket, which we might put on the site tomorrow night! On the trip, I'm going to knit a matching pouch to the raspberries and cream cozy, coming out this evening, and maybe a matching clutch/drawstring bag to the sunset cozy. We are going to be stocked!! I'm also going to start a new dog blanket pretty soon. It will probably be green and blue wool but I'm not sure yet. I'll probably post again when we get back, although we might have internet access in Key West. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for our brand new line of Key West themed knitted goods. They're made of this really cute blue and green wavy yarn!!!!

Love, Mary-Claire

Two days til Key West!! I'm reallly excited to leave and go lie on the beach for five days.

First of all, there will be no shipping taking place until after July 17. That doesn't mean that you can't buy anything! If you buy something, just send payment and when we get back // recieve payment, the gorgeous knitted item that you have bought will be sent out.

Second of all, two new cell phone cozies are going up today. If they aren't up now, they will be later.

Third of all, I have joined the Etsy blogring. This way, our viewers can see other blogs and vice versa.

Fourth of all, we will have internet in Key West. Look forward to blog entries and so on!

Fifth of all, I'm working on a cute seed stitch coin purse made out of cream yarn and bright turquoise yarn.

Alright, thats the end of the 'of alls'!

Talk to you later,


Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So, lots of stuff is going on.

On Sunday, we gift wrapped and packaged everything so that it is ready to ship the moment we recieve payment for any item. We listed a new scarf, the For All SEAsons Scarf, which is made of a beautiful textured yarn. We also listed a cell phone case that matches the Sunny Day at the Shore Wallet. We just finished two new cell phone cases, one made of a soft raspberry yarn mixed with a cream yarn, and one made of a cute coral yarn mixed with a orange yarn.

I'm also adding our blog to a ring of other Etsy crafters who blog. This may expose our shop a little bit more, which will be very helpful for our sales! I'm also interested in getting Paypal, so I'll call my bank within the next few days and set it all up.

I'm starting a children's scarf out of a key lime pie soooooooooooooooooooooft yarn and a cream yarn. We're going to sew buttons of cats and dogs on it.

MC and I go to Key West on Sunday, so I'm not sure how often we will be able to go online. Be sure that we will get many projects done!!

See ya,


This is a test post to add our blog to the Etsy ring.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey guys!!

I've just finished knitting a cell phone holder, all I have to do is sew it up and add decoration! It's going to be really cute and I'm very excited about it. As you know, Mary-Claire has some awesome stuff coming up that we are both excited about.

We have been advertising all over and its beginning to pay off! Our items have been viewed so many times (check out the Strawberry and Cream pouch, over 100 views!) and its a great feeling to know that other people are looking at your products and sizing them up as competition. At least, that's what we are doing!

I recieved some yarn as a present and have been working with it. It's a colorway called 'Tudor' which gives no description or hint of what it looks like. It is sort of a rainbow color, going from a yellowish pink to a dark purple to a blue to green and so on. I'm making a nice ribbed scarf with it. The scarf should be up within the next week.

I've had some ideas of what I want to make next. I'm thinking stuff like miniature dish clothes and more cell phone / iPod holders.

Check ya later!


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