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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I just finished three really cute bags.

One is a yellow and orange drawstring pencil pouch with a cute clear button decoration in a corner. It's about 3 x 8 inches. The drawstring is cream.

Another is a small pink and cream bag with white ribbon lacing up the sides and distinguishing the button holes made for the white buttons. It's about 4 x 4 inches.

The last one is really cute. I used two yarns for this one, one is a solid yellow, while the other is a yarn of blue melting into white which then goes to yellow and back to white, to blue, and so on. It has a very nice cotton-y feel. It has a flap that you flip over, exposing a pocket held closed by two simple white buttons. This is a great purse for putting credit cards, business cards, and cash.

Hopefully, these bags will go on the website in the next couple of days. I'm not sure what I'm going to knit next. I was thinking of trying my hand at making placemats to put under pet food bowls. I'll start with pink ones for girls and see what happens.

Wish me luck!



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