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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hi! this is my first blog! How exciting! Anyways I'm currently finished a green and creamish thick wool blanket. Due to its size, I have christened it a dog blanket, however it would also make a beautiful baby blanket. It is about 20 inches by 45, which gives it a long and thin shape. I'm also working on a second doggie blanket. It is much smaller than they other one, which is designed for a rather large dog. This is for a small dog, such as beagle or corgi. It will be a wine color red and the same cream as the other blanket, however the pattern is half red half cream. It will be quite lovely when finished. Also, I'm going to dip into the scarf market, maybe trying thinner yarns as opposed to the thick yarns that I am partial to.



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